Universal Studios, ticket dispenser
Universal Studios, main street, shops on both sides
New York City taxi
Animal actors. Parrot
Bird of prey
The little girl is waiting for the bird
A nice little dog
Lassie is patiently waiting for her turn
Mischievous little monkey
Master is stroking his dog
Two dogs at attention
Even the fennec plays a part !
Here is the monkey again !
The backlot, seen from above
Fake windows
Village in the backlot
Backlot city hall
A backlot street with ill-assorted buildings
Did you recognize the little square from Back to the Future ? Neither did I !
Another street with ill-assorted buildings
With no props, the street looks quite bare
Entry of the special effects tunnel
Cars also play a part
Latin American village
Oh, it's raining !
Quite a downpour ...
Western village
Deserted street in the western village
Abandoned houses
The backside of the set
The European village main square
That square seems quite bare
At least, the trees are real
Peaceful fishermen's village
Looks something's happening
Help, a shark !
Sugar village
There's been a murder in this house
He hid the body in the trunk !
Looks like an air crash
Major damage
Scene from War of the Worlds
Middle Ages tower in the midst of modern hardware
The Hollywood Sign projected against the blue background
Here is the shark, again !
The Blues Brothers police car
Special effects. Two co-hosts are required !
Model of New York City. We will see it again soon.
Here it is !
The audience is involved
That's what it would look like in film
Fake octopus, fake tentacles, real laughter
Neutral green background. It will be used soon.
Deep in the T-Rex's mouth
Horrible creatures
Look, he's going to cut her arm !
They've put a towel, just in case
The wound is fake, but the fear is real
Motion-capture demo
We can see the strings
Main Street
A real cop ? Not in your dreams !
Here are the Blues Brothers
Live singing
The Blues Brothers with Aretha Franklin
The Blues Brothers are leaving
Park exit
Nicely colored flowerbeds
Leaving Universal City
The Hollywood Sign, seen from the bottom of the hill
The Hollywood Sign
Close-up on the Hollywood Sign
Los Angeles at night