On our way to Sequoia National Park
Bright sunny day in California
Minimal wait at park entrance
Sequoia National Park, here we are !
Scrubland is really dry
And so is the Kaweah River
Hardly a streamlet of water !
Stop at Tunnel Rock
On the other side of the road, the Kaweah River is still as slim
View of the scrubland
The road used to pass under the rock
But today, it goes around
Nice mountain landscape
Hospital Rock, right in bear country
Nice white flower
Now we are in the land of giant sequoias
Sequoia on the side of the road
Crossing the Giant Forest
In the Giant Forest
Stop at Giant Forest Museum
The parking lot at Giant Forest Museum and two giant sequoias
From the Giant Forest, a view of the mountain
A stroll in the Giant Forest
Even the three of us can't circle it !
In front of a giant sequoia
A sequoia is that wide, at least !
The General Sherman, at least 600 ft from us
The General Sherman again, in the back
The General Sherman, 275 ft tall
This tree is highly adapted to its environment
From up close, it's even more impressive !
Some General Sherman trivia
A few dead branches
Dead branch, seen in section
Stop at Lodgepole, little mountain creek
From Lodgepole, view of the mountain
On our way to the Tokopah Falls
View of the gray granite cliff
We're almost at the Tokopah Falls
A big lizard
The Tokopah Falls ? Hardly any water at all !
Even up close, not much water
Just a tiny stream
Alicia and I
The bed of the Kaweah River ... quite smooth !
Back to Lodgepole
The forest above Lodgepole
Last stop at Sequoia
View of Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon, General Grant Grove
More giant sequoias
Here, trees have State names : Oregon, Tennessee ...
When a sequoia falls down, it becomes a tunnel
The tunnel entrance
Inside the sequoia
Open sky ...
Here is the fallen sequoia
The Centennial Stump
Sequoia struck by lightning
Fire damage
Inside the Gamlin Cabin
The Gamlin Cabin
The story of the Gamlin Cabin
Small sequoia stump
General Grant
Another sequoia struck by lightning
Impressive ... but it still lives !
Juste one branch is quite huge !
The one on the left survived the fire
A few lines about why sequoias are resilient to fire
General Grant, in back-light
Back to the fallen sequoia
The tunnel exit
Giant sequoia
Twin sequoias
Twin sequoias in back-light