Wednesday, August 11, 2010 : Sequoia and Kings Canyon


roadmap-us mark-4-5-us Apart from a stretch being repaired during our visit, the road in Sequoia and Kings Canyon is in excellent condition. It crosses superb, highly varied landscapes.
attractions-us mark-4-5-us Many stops in each park. Once again, our visit was too short to see everything. Many trails of all kinds, short or more ambitious. Let's regret the shortage of water, which dried out the many cascades.
weather-us mark-5-5-us Superb weather, watch the pictures. Nothing else to say !
hotel-us mark-4-5-us Same hotel as yesterday, so it gets the same mark.


A very nice day. Too bad we had to cut short the visit at King Canyon. But we can't get it all ...
  favorite-us The ranger at Tunnel Rock, both competent and available. Kudos !