Yosemite, park entrance
Yosemite, close-up on the park entrance
Yosemite, soon after the entrance, a sight of the valley
The gray granite of the Rockies
First stop at Bridalveil Falls. Little mountain creek
El Capitan, behind the trees
El Capitan
Bridalveil Falls
Bridalveil Falls. According to the wind, water is pushed right or left
El Capitan again, behind the trees
Creek at the bottom of Bridalveil Falls
Let's get closer to this cascade ...
It begins to look like climbing ...
Beware, slippery !
Here we are !
Once again, El Capitan behind the trees
An unusual tree
El Capitan
Multi-colored bird
Yosemite Point, cascade almost dry
We can tell for sure what that bear had been eating
Little gray squirrel, very common in Yosemite
Little gray squirrel, not that scared by human presence
Little gray squirrel wants to play ball
Another gray squirrel crosses the path just at our feet
Close-up on the squirrel
Bears will have a hard time plucking things our of that trash box !
And there's even a step for little children
Stop on the bank of the Merced River
The family on the beach. Not much water in the river !
The cliff on the other side of the river
The entrance of the valley, against the light
We did not expect to find a schoolbus in the middle of the trees !
In fact, it's just a park shuttle
Here, too, waste has to be sorted
Seen from Sentinel Bridge, the Half Dome towers above the valley
The Half Dome, Merced River at its lowest
The Three Brothers and Merced River, from Sentinel Bridge
At the end of the valley, at the foot of the gray granite cliff
Lots of traffic, in Yosemite, in August !
A little gray squirrel comes to visit us
These squirrels are not too shy
Another gray squirrel
End of Yosemite Valley, in the midst of campers and trailers
Meadow at the end of the valley, between parking lots
Beautiful deer, hardly 50 feet away
The same deer, a little closer
Unexpected encounter in the woods
Goodbye, deer !
Yosemite Valley, seen from Tunnel View
The family at Tunnel View
Cliff on the edge of the valley, seen from Tunnel View
Even insects are huge, in this country !
Seen from Glacier Point, the eastern part of the park and its cascades
View from Glacier Point, the Half Dome in the center
Panoramic view from Glacier Point
Close-up on the cascades
The eastern part of the park, seen from Glacier Point
The Half Dome, seen from Glacier Point
Another squirrel !
Last glimpse of Yosemite
Here, tortilla chips are sold by the 4-pound bag ...
... sugar in 25-pound bags ...
... and onions are as big as grapefruit !