Monday, August 9, 2010 : From San Francisco to Mariposa


roadmap-us mark-4-5-us From San Francisco to Palo Alto on the Junipero Sierra Freeway (I-280), in the middle of trees. Nice drive thru the Sierra between Gilroy and the San Luis Reservoir. The arrival toward Mariposa is nice, too.
attractions-us mark-3-5-us Not too many visits. We just took our time.
weather-us mark-5-5-us 5 minutes of grey in San Francisco, then an absolutely beautiful day, and lunch on the terrace !
hotel-us mark-3-5-us The Miner's Inn is a nice motel, with a typically western style. The next morning, we'll regret the line at the really well-supplied breakfast buffet.


A very nice day deep inside California.
  favorite-us Lunch at Laura's, with local organic food. Colored, flavored and so tasty. Who talked about the country of lousy eating ?