Saturday, August 7, 2010 : The Big Departure


At last, that's it ! After months of preparation, discussion, arbitration and expectations, here we are, flying to the USA. It is not our first trip to this country, although Alicia, from where she was, may not remember going to Florida in '96. Anyway, emotions are running high in this family.


We have a stopover with a plane change in Boston. There, TSA employees, in absolute compliance with the applicable procedure, confiscate the excellent Bordeaux bottle I had brought as a present for our friends Joel and Laura in Palo Alto.


Later, in the boarding room, while waiting for our flight to San Francisco, we take this picture of our waiting Boeing 767.

Boston, Boeing 767

Boeing 767 waiting in Boston


When we arrive in San Francisco, the hotel where we were supposed to spend the first night has lost our reservation. As usual, it's the computer system's fault. Trying to make the best of a nasty situation, and with the promise of a future decent discount, we agree to be transferred to another hotel.


I take advantage of writing this to renew my sincere thanks to Paul, that night's receptionist at the Nob Hill Hotel, who has made at least 15 phone calls to try and get us a room before finally succeeding. At the peak of the tourist season in San Francisco, I salute his dedication and sense of customer service.


It is 1 a.m. (San Francisco time !!!) when we finally fall sound asleep.

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