Thursday, December 27, 2012


OK, next spring we're going to the States again. This time, it's going to be the East Coast, with most likely a visit to our French-speaking cousins in Québec.


I already went to the East Coast a few times (1979, 1980, 1982, 1996, 2002 ...), so it' a bit of a comeback. But Marie, apart from a brief stopover in Washington, DC during our trip to Florida in 1996, it's her first visit.


We already booked (and paid !) our plane tickets. We will be away from May 23 to June 14. We fly Iberia. Why Iberia ? There are several reasons :


  • First, they came out the cheapest in all search engines, at least restricted to "respectable" airlines. And since we're not really willing to trust our skins to unknown airlines ...
  • Then, they leave from and come back to Orly, which is 20 minutes from home. In contrast, Charles de Gaulle airport is exactly the other side of Paris. Think living close to Newark and having to fly from JFK !
  • And it's a direct flight, not even a stopover in Madrid or in anywhere else. Isn't it nice ?


We begin with New York, which is, along with San Francisco, the city in the US which I never get bored by. We'll keep you informed of the rest of the roadmap, stay tuned !


We've already begun to make hotel reservations. New York is an expensive city, we knew that. It's also a touristic city, we knew that too. End result, even in spring, some hotels are already fully booked.


Next step : book the car (we're gonna drive a little bit ...) and hotels in Boston and Washington, DC.


I post you a picture. It's not ours, I found it on Google.

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Manhattan at sunrise