Thursday, October 12, 2017 : Miami, Charlotte, flight

It is the day we leave. We made no plans for this morning. We take our time for breakfast.


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Miami Beach


I go out and take a few pictures of the beach, just outside our hotel. The sky is grey, but it does not rain, or at least not yet. The sand has just been cleaned, it is pristine. I nonetheless feel some kind of nostalgia, though we still have a few more hours to spend on American soil. It is a very contradictory feeling, for at heart I am glad to fly home again.


As I often say, to leave again, at some point you have to be back home. And we're flying home.


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Waiting in Fort Lauderdale


We refilled the car, took the road to Fort Lauderdale and returned our Dodge Journey. We are now waiting for our flight to Charlotte. Meanwhile, reality reasserts itself. I post a few pictures on Facebook and swap messages with a customer. Good practices are already back, assuming they ever left us alone for just a minute.


In Charlotte, where we pass for the third time of this trip, the stopover is short. Our second flight is right on time, like the first one. I warn my customers that my US phone number will no longer be available. Daily life.