Wednesday, October 11, 2017 : Miami, sea excursion

Today, we have scheduled a sea excursion with Sandrine and Christophe (, two French expats relocated in Miami. We made our reservation long ago. The one thing beyond our control is the weather, and the forecast last night was not overly optimistic.


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Billionnaire villa in Miami


Eventually, everything goes fine, prompting Christophe to only half-jokingly assert, a little later, that there is a pretty local climate at Sands Key.


All four of us sit in a boat for eight. Between the marina and the mouth of the bay, Christophe shows us plenty of villas owned by billionnaires, movie or reality TV stars and various other celebrities. And Miami has more than its share of celebrities ! For instance, I was absolutely unaware that Richard Nixon had owned a house in Miami.


We then leave the bay and cross a stretch of sea to Sands Key, an island part of Biscayne National Park that can only be reached by boat. So late in the season, needless to say, we're not exactly bothered by neighbors. There's actually only the NPS ranger on duty, looking absolutely bored, all alone on his boat.


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Sands Key


At Sands Key, Christophe anchors the boat shielded from the wind and we go for a swim, with finns and snorkeling gear provided by the organizer. After the cold meal prepared by Sandrine, we go for more swimming and fish watching. And yes, we can see quite a lot of fish of all sizes: stingrays, many barracudas, and even a small shark that passed pretty close to me, showing absolutely no interest for me.


Then Sandrine et Christophe setup the buoy, on which we sit. The boat tows the buoy first at moderate speed, then faster and faster. It shakes, it sprays, it kind of hurts the butt, but the sensations are unparallelled. It's dramatic and playful. I recommend the buoy !


It's already time to leave. We cross the sea again, then Miami Bay, passing close to the skyscrapers downtown and seeing huge yachts.


After this beautiful day (thanks, Sandrine and Christophe), we drive back to our hotel for a moment's rest. Later on, we go out for some shopping and wind up the day in an excellent Italian restaurant pretty close to our hotel.