2017 - The South
September 18 to October 13
New Orleans to Miami

2015 - Southwestern USA
August 27 to September 25
Dallas to Dallas

2013 - The East Coast
May 23 to June 14
New York City to New York City

2010 - The American West
August 7 to 31st
San Francisco to San Francisco

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 : From Charleston to Savannah

We have a few more visits left in Charleston. We begin with the Old Slave Mart Museum, a museum dedicated to slave trade. We then make a stop before the church where the June 2015 attack was committed, leaving 9 dead. We then take the road to Savannah. We are spending one more day in Georgia.


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Wormsloe Historic Park, Savannah


In Savannah, we visit the very interesting Wormsloe Historic Park. The plantation is a mere ruin, but the significance of the site in the formation of Colonial Georgia in 1733 can't be denied. We can see how the utopian visions of the founders of the colony were gradually confronted to real life. We can also very closely follow the struggle between the Spanish, who had colonized Florida, and the British, who had settled in South Carolina, with Georgia acting as a buffer zone between the two imperial powers.  Hint : the British eventually prevailed.


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Forsyth Park, Savannah


At the end of the afternoon, we go for a stroll in the Historic District of downtown Savannah. A whole part of the city center has been restored to its 18th century condition. We discover many beautiful small parks, including Forsyth Park, where we can see this beautiful fountain.


Tomorrow, we continue our drive south, crossing into Florida.