Monday, October 2, 2017 : From Dillon to Charleston

Our drive today is rather short, that's a welcome change from yesterday. We stay in South Carolina.

After breakfast, we buy stamps, mail our postcards and hit the road to Myrtle Beach. On our way, we make a stop to take pictures of cotton fields.


Myrtle Beach is a sea resort with multiple activities. Here, everything seems to be designed to keep tourists busy. I'm having second thoughts about the attendance at mini-golfs. There seems to be really lots of them.


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Fort Sumter


Once we arrive in Charleston, we barely have enough time to get our tickets and board the ship to Fort Sumter. Fort Sumter is that fort that was occipied by Union troops when the Civil War broke out. The attack of the fort by Confederate troops on April 12, 1861, is considered the first fight of the Civil War.


Later on, at the cost of a relentless bombing which reduced the fort to a mere pile of rubble, and a 20-month siege, Union troops eventuelly reoccupied the fort. The Civil War ended a few days later.


Nowadays, the visit of the fort is a very meaningful history lesson about the divisions, past and present, of America.


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Restored house in downtown Charleston


After coming back in town, we go for a stroll in downtown Charleston looking for restored houses. A whole historic neighborhood has been restored to its 18th-century condition. There is no shortage of houses restored to their Colonial-era condition. It's an extremely interesting dive in time.


On the way to our hotel, by absolute chance, we drive by the church where a deranged man killed 9 people on June 17, 2015.


We have dinner in an excellent barbecue and burger restaurant, Bessinger's BBQ, juste next door from our hotel. The owner is very welcoming. It is one more example of the famed Southern hospitality.