Thursday, September 28, 2017 : Atlanta

Today, we stay in Atlanta. True enough, this city is so rich in points of interest that we won't get bored !


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CNN world headquarters


We begin with a visit of CNN, the prime 24x7 news channel, world headquarters. The visit is short, less than one hour, but highly educative. We can see very well how information arrives at the channel, is verified, sorted, and either posted online on the website, broadcast as a moving bar at the bottom of the screen, or analyzed live by journalists. In this never-stopping beehive, each person has his/her part.


It's hard to take pictures, at CNN, and even prohibited during most of the visit. It makes sense. This is a place where people actually work and handle information that is still confidential as long as it has not been broadcast on the channel.


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The World of Coca-Cola


Close by, we visit The World of Coca-Cola. There's no point in looking for technical details about the manufacturing of the famous soda drink, there is not much of it. However, marketing is front and center during most of the visit, much like in the real life of the most consumed soda drink in the world. The visit ends with a sampling room. I taste the colas of South Africa and Indonesia. Oddly enough, they are much sweeter than ours. I wonder why ...


We leave downtown Atlanta to visit Stone Mountain Park. The prime point of interest of this park is a large granite rock which emerged here as a result of the erosion of all the limestone that surrounded it. On this rock have been engraved the effigies of three Confederate dignitaries, President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. On the lawn, we can see 13 headstones and panels with abstracts about the fate of the Confederate States during the Civil War.


At the end of the afternoon, we drive back to Atlanta to ride the Ferris wheel at Skyview Alanta, next to Centennial Olympic Park. From up there, the view of the relatively flat city is dramatic enough for a few pictures.


We have dinner in an Italian restaurant, where the shop front is unassuming but the food is great.