Wednesday, September 27, 2017 : From Montgomery to Atlanta

We leave our hotel and take Interstate 85 to Atlanta. We cross the stateline into Georgia, the fifth State on our road-trip.


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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


In Atlanta, our program is packed. Good thing we made it early !


We begin with the visitor center dedicated to Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. He was not a medical doctor, of course, but a doctor in theology. I expected a simple plaque on the house where he was born,  actually a whole neighborhood is dedicated to his memory. Of course, there is a visitor center, with many videos about his life, his works and his legacy. There is his birthhouse, too. And there is also his grave, which is also his wife Coretta's, since she was reunited with him in 2006.


Further down the street, there is Ebenezer Baptist Church, where his maternal grandfather and his own father were pastors, and where he also preached.


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The Oval Office during Jimmy Carter's Presidency


Close by is Jimmy Carter Library and Museum. I remember Jimmy Carter's Presidency quite well, that's when I made my first two trips to the USA. Time has passed, and the Library curators seems to have favored the highlights over the shortcomings. A large place is devoted to the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Oddly enough, although it happened at the beginning of the next Presidency, the liberation of Tehran hostages is credited to Carter. Well, let's face it, he was not shy on his negotiating skills to ensure a favorable outcome.


The legacy of the 39th President seems to be a projection of American power more on human rights than on pure military might.


We can now drive to our hotel, very close by.