Monday, September 25, 2017 : From Nashville to Birmingham


The weather is great in Nashville, which is good, for we have a compelling reason to spend a few more hours in the city.


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Country Music Hall of Fame


We visit Country Music Hall of Fame. I really enjoy the visit, part historical (the origins of country music, how it evolved over decades) part themed (posters, cars, country fashion, recording techniques ...). The audioguide in French is well documented, but its user interface is clumsy.


Anyway, it's a great visit.


But all great things come to an end, and we now have to leave Nashville.


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Sample tasting at Jack Daniel's distillery


We drive to Lynchburg to visit Jack Daniel's distillery, where the famous whiskey (the spelling is correct) of the brand is manufactured. The visit teaches us a lot about the history of the distillery, how it was passed from generation to generation in the family, and how it withstood Prohibition. We also learn a lot about the various techniques, including the famous charcoal filtering, and the maturation process in always new, never reused, oakwood vats.


The visit ends up with a sample tasting session, responsibly of course. Personally, I recomment the Tennessee Honey, my favorite.


We now can take the road again, to Birmingham. At the end of the afternoon, we are in Alabama.