Thursday, March 30, 2017 : Passion USA, Youtube channel, slideshows, fall 2017 roadtrip.


Here are some news about Passion USA.


I have at last completed the remaining slideshows of our Southwestern USA roadtrip in the summer of 2015. All slideshows for this trip are now online !


Here is the very last one, the day we returned to France, September 25, 2015 :

slideshow us


Passion USA, the company, has been in operation for 2 full months. I now offer an attended roadtrip in the West, fror a group of 10 participants, not more, to keep it flexible and friendly. Registrations have recently been opened, and 3 or 4 seats are still available. The detailed description of this trip is available here :

trip grca 002 430

The Wonders of the West


Also for Passion USA, the company, I have created a YouTube channel. At this moment, this channel offers the presentation video for the Wonders of the West roadtrip. You can watch it by clicking here :


youtube 80



We are busy preparing our next roadtrip in the South. It will happen from September 19 to October 13, from New Orleans to Miami, thru Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, and many more interesting places. This is a region we do not yet know extensively, and are eager to discover. I will tell you more shortly.


About out Summer 2015 trip, all I now have to do is to write the Day's Marks, you know, those short summaries that showcase a full day in a few icons. This should be quite fast, and you will see them shortly, promised.


Do not forget to visit The Wonders of the West and to register.


Thanks for visiting and see you soon !